A Stroller Built Like a Bentley

Finally! A freaking stroller that takes design seriously. Like, really seriously. Joolz is the brainchild of some serious Dutch designers who found it necessary to create a stroller that parents deserve.

Say hello to  Joolz. The aluminum framed, heavy duty canvas padded, genius Dutch designed baby stroller for the automotive enthusiast parent. Did I mention you could order black or brown diamond stitched leather handles? Yeah… shit just got real.

Joolz Geo2 Baby Stroller

I met one of the founders, Stan Vermeulen, at a recent Los Angeles launch event and he told me that he and his partner felt like there was a serious hole in the market of baby strollers. Sure, there are great models like Buggaboo, UppaBaby, Graco, Britax, Chicco, and the list goes on. But When it comes to owning a stroller that not only meets the baby’s needs (trust me, 99% of them do) there is a critical user experience missing – the parents. Giving me a catchall bin and a cup holder aren’t exactly what I’d call “User Centric Design Features”.

Do baby strollers fold? Yep.

Are they compatible with other contraptions I’m forced to buy in fear my baby won’t be “safe”? Double yep.

Joolz Geo2 Baby Stroller

Now, how about the way it makes me feel as a parent? How about that pride when I’m pushing my kid down the street?  I want the world to see what good old fashioned love making accomplished. My Joolz does just that. Much like a Bentley, the Joolz is tailorable, well appointed and smart.

Everything has a purpose. Lockable front wheels if you want to the turn the stroller into a temporary jogger. Military grade zippers that hold the main back support, visor and undercarriage storage in place. It has the ability to hold two kids at any given time without having to resort to a tandem seat or side-by-side get up. They have enough accessories that any dad would want to add them to their baby gear wish list. Clever clips, zippers, and snaps that add an unsermountable amount of satisfaction when you hang, tie or feel something click into place. What is parenting Nirvana? Simplicity. Something often over looked for cost cutting and “that’ll do” design solutions.

Joolz Geo2 Baby Stroller Noir Studio Collection

When my daughter was still in the womb, I looked for few things when it came to picking a stroller. Factoring in that I’m also an automotive enthusiast, I looked for a few extra things as well. Is it manueverable? Can it get over tree trunk booby-trapped sidewalks? How does it make me look? How about, how does it look next to my car? Or hell, how about a rare classic car or multi-million dollar exotic? How about the race track?

Does it make me look like a dweeb that may regret of having a kid in the first place? God I hope not.

I want to look like I gave a damn when it came to pushing my kid around. I want it to look like I was a dad who “got it” and a dad that could run with the big boys.


Joolz get’s it. They have a design story (theirs is appropriately coined “Positive Design”) and they are from Western Europe where babies are glorified, glamorized and adored. I feel Americans, while we love babies, seem to settle for lazily putting our kids in a punny onesie and hashtag “fashion baby” from their breast milk crusted couches. Kill me. I refuse.

I want to celebrate my daughter. I want to celebrate the pride she shows me when she looks at me, her dad, to the world each and every day. Thank you Joolz. Thank you for making your Bentley-like stroller for guys like me.

SIDEBAR: Yes, these strollers are a bit pricey, the above Geo2 Studio Colleciton Noir Mono starts at $1049, but think of it this way. A set of wheels for your car or a set of wheels for baby that will be seen and commented on more than your car? Plus, they have a blacked out model that is simply the sexiest baby stroller on the market!

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