$20,000,000 Coffee Date With My Daughter

Two dads taking their kids to their first Cars & Coffee Meet in Malibu, CA
Text and Photos: Ezekiel Wheeler (iPhone 7 and Panasonic LUMIX LX100)

No, my daughter and I didn’t split a cup of a reclaimed wild cat poop coffee beans sprinkled with gold flakes in a diamond high-ball. We actually packed up our Mk7 Golf Sportwagen, picked up another dad and his son, Jake Boston and Noah, and hit the coast at 7:30 AM towards Malibu. Also, major dad points for both Papa Boston and myself for getting the kids up, dressed, in a car seat and on the road before 8AM.

Our mission. Take our six month old kids to their first cars and coffee, Trancas Country Market Cars & Coffee to be exact.


For those of you across the country that don’t know what I’m talking about, Trancas Country Market is a lovely market constructed from reclaimed barn wood and stacked with bougie booze, cheese and other gourmet stuff. Stuff I like but also stuff I can only enjoy these days when my parents decided to splurge a bit in our neck of the woods.

But I digress…

The market has recently been gaining recognition encouraging local patrons, mostly wealthy individuals who live along the Malibu coast and in the nearby canyons, to bring out their prized motorized positions to share with the public. Most of whom can only afford a die cast tribute replica.

IMG_4195There is something to be said when you can stand inches away from your dream car in a grocery store parking lot. What that is exactly still lingers in the back of scholars heads as scientists attempt to find a reason why people emerge from their beds at god-awful hours of a weekend morning to sit in a open, often chilly, parking lot to look at a hunk of aging metal and carbon monoxide emitting sound gardens. But who the hell has time to analyze it? You need to experience it to get it. Hence the reason Papa Boston and I decided to take our kids to their first one.

We emerged from my tinted Sportwagen, children strapped to our chests like baby lemurs to their leaping mothers. We walked with pride as on lookers smiled and pointed at the new dads anxious to take their kids to their first car show. We knew we were the shit and walked by and nodded as if we were Jay Z saying “sup” to a young kid to start struck to say hello. Hell, a few times we smiled and waved at people that I’m pretty sure were trying to get the attention of a friend across the lot. We didn’t care. Our kids were at their first car show. Millions of dollars worth of cars surrounded us and our almond milk laced drip coffee couldn’t have tasted any sweeter.


Sidebar – Jake (aka Papa Boston) makes his own almond milk and messes about with his own mad scientist concoctions. Props Jake, mad props. Coffee game was on point that morning. Back at the car show…

We tickled our kids respective feet to look left and right at the cars they would hopefully remember as they grew up. Maybe the red was singing to them or the chrome was just a blitz of light in their developing eyes, but the kids seemed to love it. They were calm, attentive and snapped their heads to find the sounds of cars blitzing along the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH to the locals). We were happy daddies to say the least.


Luckily for my daughter, her name is Senna by the way (yes, named after that Senna), and I we enjoyed roughly $20-million worth of automobile nirvana. Everything from several gloriously gleaming Jaguar E-Types, enough Ferrari’s to make Maranello proud, a radiating red Porsche GT, a daily driven Singer Design Porsche and finally, the mack daddy of super cars and my dream car, a McLaren F1. Granted, I pulled out of the parking lot when it and its owner, Jay Leno, decided to pull in. #TeachableMoment.

This car alone is what helps tip the scales towards the $20-mill mark. The most recent few to sell at auction hit between $12 – $13.75 million dollars each (one a LM version – gasp you should). Add up the Porsche GT, Singer Design Porsche, a few choice early model 911s, stable of Ferraris, a Vector, the E-Types, and a few other notable expensive cars and you start to see why this day became so special to us.


Money aside, these cars are more to my daughter and I. They are more to Jake and Noah as well. While our kid’s brains are still developing, they will be well reminded of the day we took them to their first car show. For the rest of their lives if we are forced to quantify it.

This rich environment I call my obsession, my passion and my life of cars has allowed me to build a career. It’s allowed me to start my own family and it’s allowing me to pass along what I’ve learned and will learn with my daughter and her mother. This is going to be more fun than I ever thought possible.

Well, getting them both into the F1 while I’m driving it would be pretty great but hey… a man can dream.


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