Dad Conduct – MK7 VW Golf Sportwagen Project Car Part 1

Wagons don’t have to suck.

A wagon can be many things. A Griswald family hauler, a Portlandian’s dream machine or, for most car guys, it’s pure opportunity. They have the versatility of a crossover, the maneuverability of a sedan and, in some cases, the power of a sports car.

My goal is to modify my VW Golf Sportwagen enough to enter it into an open track day at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca this fall. Oh, and bring my family along for the round trip without a backup car.

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$20,000,000 Coffee Date With My Daughter

Two dads taking their kids to their first Cars & Coffee Meet in Malibu, CA
Text and Photos: Ezekiel Wheeler (iPhone 7 and Panasonic LUMIX LX100)

No, my daughter and I didn’t split a cup of a reclaimed wild cat poop coffee beans sprinkled with gold flakes in a diamond high-ball. We actually packed up our Mk7 Golf Sportwagen, picked up another dad and his son, Jake Boston and Noah, and hit the coast at 7:30 AM towards Malibu. Also, major dad points for both Papa Boston and myself for getting the kids up, dressed, in a car seat and on the road before 8AM.

Our mission. Take our six month old kids to their first cars and coffee, Trancas Country Market Cars & Coffee to be exact.

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Goodwood Revival

Respect your elders. It’s a phrase that’s been said over and over throughout history. No doubt cave men had their own version of it or painted images on rocks to make sure this message lived forever. Why should you respect our elders? Because they’ve lived. They’ve pushed the boundaries so we might enjoy a world of flappy paddle gear boxes and nine-speed automatics. They alone can share wisdom to help shape your future decisions in life. Like, “Should I own a stripped down race BMW 2002 tii, or just spring for a 1967 Porsche 911 S?”

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